We recently published the Opera Audience Development Guide, 2014.  This capacity-building project took the form of training, support and guidance in the area of audience development, tailored to the needs of the participating organisations.  You can read the report on this fascinating project here.

Among the insights:

  • Almost half of Opera Attenders are aged 55+, although opera attracts a greater proportion of 35 to 54 year olds than classical music.
  • Audiences are mainly local, although Wexford Festival Opera attracts far more of its audience from outside the county.
  • Most opera attenders are frequent arts attenders, with either classical music or drama as their main passion. There is a big crossover with musicals. More than three-quarters regularly listen to opera on CD or radio.
  • Non-attenders are put off because they think opera is incomprehensible, expensive, too formal, long and boring.
  • Attenders love it because it is dramatic, thrilling, passionate, romantic and the best of all the other artforms put together

The report also contains a ‘How to market Opera in Ireland’ guide.   The opera development guide is worth reading for these top ten tips for getting bigger audiences alone, which include: ‘Go local’ and ‘Don’t assume they’re posh’ .  See the guide here.


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