Digital Arts Marketing Training

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Learn everything you need to know about Digital Arts Marketing in this comprehensive course.



Once you’ve purchased the course, you can start here, or from within your account page


Digital Arts Marketing Training
Module 1 Successful Websites
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Opening Self-Assessment
Unit 3 Why Successful Websites Matter
Unit 4 Web Design Best Practice For The Arts
Unit 5 SEO
Unit 6 Content Marketing
Unit 7 Mobile Marketing
Unit 8 Ecommerce
Unit 9 Tools For Your Website
Unit 10 Checklist
Unit 11 Final Survey
Module 2 Social Media
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Opening Self Assessment
Unit 3 The Purpose of Social Media
Unit 4 Audience and Personas
Unit 5 Introducing Facebook
Unit 6 Introducing Twitter
Unit 7 Introducing YouTube
Unit 8 Introducing Instagram
Unit 9 Introducing Pinterest
Unit 10 Tools
Unit 11 Measurement
Unit 12 Best Practice Top Tips
Unit 13 Final Survey
Module 3 Measurement
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Self Assessment Survey
Unit 3 Google Analytics Glossary
Unit 4 Introducing Google Analytics
Unit 5 Set-Up and Dashboards
Unit 6 Standard Reports
Unit 7 Segments and Filters
Unit 8 Goals and Events
Unit 9 Creating Reports
Unit 10 Google Analytics Top Tips
Unit 11 Final Survey
Module 4 Email Marketing
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Opening Self Assessment
Unit 3 Are You Ready For Email?
Unit 4 Before You Start
Unit 5 Types of Email
Unit 6 Creating Your Campaign
Unit 7 Testing Your Campaign
Unit 8 Email Marketing Best Practice
Unit 9 Email Marketing Tools
Unit 10 Measuring your Email Marketing Success
Unit 11 Email Marketing Checklist
Unit 12 Final Survey
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